The comic project my sister, Emily, and I have been collaborating on is ready to go. We're excited to share Alfred -- we've had a blast working on this and hope you like it, too. You can read weekly updates every Monday over here.

The back story? Over the holidays a coffeeshop conversation ended up evolving into Emily's idea for a comic. Many months, several late nights and a couple weekends later, we're ready to go. Alfred is equal parts sci-fi, fantasy and mystery, with a healthy dose of Maine thrown in. And let's not forget, lots and lots of salt water.



Happy All Hallow's Eve! I made a comic for today and you can read it over here.

Hope you have a happy (and safe) October 31st. It's grey, drizzly and cold here (in short: gross). So in light of that forecast, I raise my chocolate bar to you, intrepid trick or treaters of this fair nation.