The Birds

I've been listening to an adaptation of The Birds on Radio 4 Extra this week, so couldn't resist having a go at illustrating such a wonderfully terrifying story.

The Mysterious Identity of the Masked Mademoiselle

A little something for All Hallows' Eve. Hope your plans tonight involve something seasonally apropos. I caught a showing of Nosferatu the other night (CREEPY) and I'm currently imbibing pumpkin flavored coffee (DELICIOUS), so it's safe to say I'm feeling sufficiently October 31'ish at the moment.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Stickers - Free Printable

Hey, hey, October! Because Halloween's 'round the corner, here's a free printable for some spooky stickers. I've sized them to fit Avery's sticker paper, but you can always print them out on regular paper and glue them to what have you. These could also be fun printed on fabric transfer paper, added to t-shirts, trick-or-treat bags, etc. In short, have fun and enjoy!


 For personal, school and library use only, please. Copyright Abigail Halpin, 2014.


Happy All Hallow's Eve! I made a comic for today and you can read it over here.

Hope you have a happy (and safe) October 31st. It's grey, drizzly and cold here (in short: gross). So in light of that forecast, I raise my chocolate bar to you, intrepid trick or treaters of this fair nation.

All Hallow's Eve

Because there isn't enough Halloween in my sketchbook at the moment. But to be totally honest, I don't think I ever ran around All Hallow's Eve with just a cardigan. Show of hands, who else designed their costumes to fit over a winter coat? I distinctly remember Halloween '88 being the only pirate in history to wear a turquoise parka.

And jumping forward a few months, I have a quick survey. I've had a few people ask if I've ever thought of offering a calendar and I've been mulling the idea over. Is that the sort of thing other people would be interested in?

Halloween Cat Card Tutorial

I made Halloween cards for my nieces and nephew last weekend and midway through starting thinking this would make for a nifty tutorial. Ergo, here's a how-to for making your own seasonally apropos felines.

Tutorial after the jump.

Grab the above items, plus some black construction paper. For pencils, I used Prismacolor pencils because they're bright enough to pop against the black paper, but feel free to use whatever works best for you.


  1. Download a template (with folding directions) here.
  2. Trace template to black construction paper and cut out.
  3. You can start drawing at this point, or fold the card first. I folded first, just because it makes it easier to see what elements fall above or below the ridges.
  4. Thread needle and bring twine from back of card to the front. Tape twine to backside of cat. Repeat on both sides of the cat's face, near the mask.
  5. To finish, fold up the cat and tie twine behind the head.
  6. Voila! You're ready to spread some Halloween cheer.