Star Island


I spent the past weekend on Star Island for Gatsby on the Isles. A 1920's themed shindig, it's a real delight full of top notch company, sharp dressing and hot jazz. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, but here's a few snaps that I did manage. The top two are of the Oceanic Hotel (as well as a few revelers) and the bottom is Sunday's sunrise.

And I brought my sketchbook, too. Here's a small sketch I made of Smuttynose Island.

Hot Ginger and Dynamite

I attended the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at the Crane Estate this past weekend (you can see photos here and here). In light of that, drawing a flapper seemed apropos today.

And the subject line means I have to link to this. I remember watching that episode as a teenager, then proceeding to beg my piano teacher if she could track down said sheet music. Spice Girls? Pft. This was my high school jam.

A Tweed Ride

Saturday I got to bicycle throughout Portsmouth and Kittery with about 40 other nifty individuals, all a part of the Swell Society's Tweed Ride. Vintage rides, natty attire, beautiful weather and delightful company made for an absolutely top notch day. You can read more about it here.

And of course I had to draw a couple of tweedy characters this afternoon.


It's Swell


I spent Saturday on the Isles of Shoals (Star Island, to be specific) with The Swell Society for their "Gatsby on the Isles" event.

* Top to bottom, I made my dress using Folkwear's 1927 Tea Frock.

The band was mighty fine.

* Also, wouldja' look at that view. No matter how long I live here, the Atlantic always manages to make me go weak in the knees. But then again, that could also be a side-effect of gallivanting all over a rocky ocean outcropping wearing period shoes. Yee-ouch.

All in all, though, a top-notch outing and one of the very best Saturday's in recent memory, complete with gorgeous weather and delightful company. I think Jay Gatsby would have been duly impressed.