One Last Hurrah


One cookout, a bike ride, two kinds of ice cream and several movies later, I'm declaring Labor Day Weekend '13 a success. Summer, you did good.

And one other thing I did this weekend: dollmaking. I think she looks like a Eula, so that's what I got her answering to. She's made up of a fabric body (mostly vintage bed sheets), a hand-knit vest, painted on boots and a flower crown, because, well, utilitarianism be darned.

Well, Howdy

I'm giving doll-making another go. I've been working on this one on and off since November and just finished her up the other day.

The nuts and bolts: La Doll for the face, arms, legs and torso, yarn for the wig and craft acrylics for paint. Her dress is from a vintage bed sheet, the trim from a yard sale and her sweater the product of size 0 needles and copious teeth gnashing. All total, she's four and a quarter inches tall short.

And I'm already plotting what to make next.