I’m caught up on work for the day (huzzah) and planning to sneak off early this afternoon (gasp), but thought a quick blog update was in order, seeing as it’s been awhile (mmhmm).

The past few weeks have been full. In June, I taught a class on sketchbooks at Squam Art Workshops and loved the experience, especially the amazing students and the terrific group of women I shared a cabin with. I’m still dreaming of the loons on the lake (and if I’m being honest, the peppermint ice cream in the dining hall).

Speaking of classes, I’m working on plans for a workshop on illustrating people, to be held in my studio this coming fall. If you’re in and around New Hampshire and would like more information when that’s available, feel free to drop me a line.

Aside from that? I finally have pea pods in the garden and the Swiss chard is plugging along. I’m growing pumpkins too, and attempting cabbage. I’m knitting this shawl, with yarn found on a day trip to MidCoast Maine. And I’m pretty sure a beach day is in order.